Representative events

•             product presentation

•             press conference

•             road-show

We need to share our company’s success with our partners. It can be a recently introduced product or new results of a research and all the things that we are proud of. The world has to be notified as well as the participants. Should it be a conference with numerous participants, a product presentation or a press conference? The announcement and the discussion is influenced at a high-level by the environment and the services. The task of the event managers of Day Holiday is to have the guest leaving with a positive experience as well as spreading the good reputation of the company.

The event planners of Day Holiday know the venues in Budapest and countryside really well.

Let us know the purpose of the event! Should we dazzle the guests of the conference, of the product presentation or of the press release with a spectacular location? Or would you like us to find a solid but pleasant venue where the personal attendance is spotless? We work with more than 100 contracted partner hotels in Hungary as well as in the neighboring countries. We have no doubt that we can find your match!

The organized activities can contribute to the success of a conference, product introduction or any other event.

Organizing evenings with music and a dance performance, a lecture of a famous artist or athlete, wine, pálinka, tea, honey or cheese tastings with a professional interpretation in a spectacular environment or a gastronomy adventure in a really good restaurant, playful or more serious competitions or an astonishing customized activity where the main happenings of the day appear – our ideas are inexhaustible.