Why is it worth to work with Day Holiday?

The organizers of the Day Holiday can take plenty of weight off the costumers shoulders. They know the locations, the hotels and the key people working there. The organizer with his/her many years of experience behind, can privide help in finding the ideal location for the event and avoid the pitfalls which might occur during the organization. The Day Holiday doesn’t charge extra organizational fee.

What type of tasks can take over the event organizer?

We weight off your shoulders the stress that the organization involves. We prepare a script of the whole event. We provide creative ideas and also undertake activity preparations. We posess a successful background of subcontractors that the event might need. Our tasks involve the entire organization of the event: providing the catering, organizing free time activities, the transfer.

We help with registration before the event or on the spot. We are familiar with organizing trainings, we provide a tour guide, a hostess, a translator. The Day Holiday puts a particular emphasis on having an organizer representing the company, when organizing an event at any location. At the end of the event we prepare a financial calculation/invoice covering all details. Get in touch with us concerning any organizational questions!

Do you have an event under 35 participants?

Would you like to organize fast and easily? From 2016 you also have the possibility to do that with the Day Holiday SmartPlatform offer request system. With the help of our new application you can save time and money. Ask for an offer at our konferenciakonline.hu page directly from the event venues!

However, if you require our personal presence and personalized service with events under 35 participants, feel free to get in touch with us directly!

How much does Day Holidays’ help cost?

Nothing, Day Holiday doesn’t charge any organizational fee, on the contrary! We have a great relationship with the hotels and subcontractors due to many years of collaboration and depending on the details, we can provide better prices than in general!

  • We provide an additional discount at contracted hotels at the beginning of the week.
  • For the employees of our partner companies we provide significant discounts at contracted hotels for family holidays and individual vacations.

At which event is it worth to choose an event organizer?

Company event, family day, incentive trip, gala dinner? At every occasion where you would need the help of an experienced person with some good ideas, when you would need a ridiculuosly good price, when you need a person to whom the participants can turn with any questions and anyways when its important for the event to be successful!