Family day – Corporate day

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What do you need to organize at a family day? You just have to think about a convenient date, it is favorable to have a nice weather at the time in order to have the chance of arranging outdoor activities in the schedule. It is also helpful if you give us the number of participants and the approximate number of adults or children we can count with at the event. The rest is on us!

The idea is the soul of a family day

The soul of a successful event is a good idea but we truly believe that you can also have your own imagined ideas. We count on them and will also gladly accomplish them.

Where should we go?

You can choose from more than a dozen family day locations at our database. Would you like to have your event in the capital, Budapest and the surrounding areas or at further destinations? We know that it is an important factor for the participants to be able to choose from spacious indoor and outdoor locations the reasons behind this is to have an option in case of inconvenient weather conditions, to have sufficient parking space and also to have an easy access by public transportation.

Without a good activity the family day is worth nothing!

If the location is chosen an activity is needed. Would you like to have the activity around a set topic? Perhaps you need some help in figuring out the concept? Or should we forget about the theme and focus on having all the participants, should it be adults or children enjoying their time in the most enjoyable way? In our offer you will find the inevitable classical program components but as well as new and special ones. People will be able to say only one word: wow!

Let’s eat something delicious!

Everyone gets tired during an activity, adults and children as well, all the hungry mouths are waiting for killing their hunger with some delicious food. Goulash in a cauldron ‘bográcsos babgulyás’, roasted sausages “kolbász”, pancakes ”palacsinta”, “kürtőskalács”- and there is much more just ask us about it!

Let’s decorate a little!

Or maybe a lot? Should the location of the family day be nice, funny or special? We have a lot of ideas! Of course it is also really important besides the experience for everyone to be and feel safe.

The employees of Day Holiday are completely at your and the participants disposal during the organization and also on the spot. We act instantly in case of any questions or requests. You can count on us!

Entrust Day Holiday with your event and your duty will be solely to enjoy the activities of the family day along with the rest of the participants.