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  • Training (outdoor and indoor)
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There are many occasions when we should get out of the office. We imagine the ideal location to educate and train as follows. It is easily accessible but quiet. There is natural light, a pleasant temperature and proper air supply. The rooms are comfortable, the food is delicious, the crew is helpful and acts instantly. Places like this do exist and we also know where to find them! Of course you can always have additional requirements, please do share them with us and we will accomplish them at our best!

We can also give you a hand with the professional material of the trainings. We will gladly advise you on experienced trainers and training programs.

Discussing the results and the set goals is a common request and an important event inquiry. It is an important aspect to have enough adequate rooms at the venue. We need to have each group working in a comfortable, calm and inspiring environment. We will gladly offer frequently requested popular venues as well as unusual, unconventional locations.

Our colleagues will be available during the full process of the event. Beforehand handling all the organizational processes and during the training continuously to arrange rising requests, inquiries at the most efficient way and pace.

Entrust us with arranging the convenient technical equipment, the evening activities as well as the transportation. We can provide the best service in Hungary as a result of our extensive supply chain in the whole country.

In case you have imagined your corporate event in one of the neighboring countries don’t fail to remember our event planning company Day Holiday Llc.

We will gladly send you an offer for the venue, local activities along with transportation options.